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Eagles Game Videos

Click above to watch our Varsity Home Game Videos produced by the one and only Ed Duczynski, the "Voice of the Eagles"!

Ed - The Voice of the Eagles!
Ed - The Voice of the Eagles!


Congratulations to all and let's have a GREAT season!

Varsity Team
Begley, Connor
Bochenek, Avery
Deverick, Will
Dickinson, Keegan
Egan, Michael
Fako, Alan
Gambino, Aidan
Horton, Hayden
Karnavas, Alex
Kavouras, Ethan
Lee, Sam
Miklos, Scott
Montalvo, Max
Mueller, Mark
Ogean, Matt
Ryan, Gavin
Sitelis, Demetrios
Slater, Andrew
Sullivan, Jason


Junior Varsity Team
Alex, George (Dev)
Borner, Noah (DR)
Brann, Michael
Dickinson, Brock (DR)
Dikeidek, Jad
Jacquez, Myles (DR)
Kocolowski, Brandon (DR)
Kubas, Jacob (DR)
MacInnis, Logan (DR)
Madden, Matthew
Maerz, Alan
Nickless, Andrew
Rihani, Jacob (DR)
Sokolov, Joshua (DR)
Stelter, Alex (DR)
Sweeney, Riley (DR)
Thiesse, Cian (DR)
Wiegel, Devin


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"I've really enjoyed my last couple of years with the team. I've formed great relationships with a lot of the guys and I'm looking forward to making more memories with them!"

~Ethan Kavouras, Junior Forward

"Playing for Eagles Hockey has been like no other team I've ever played for! As a freshman, it could be hard because you don't know what to expect. But everyone has been so supportive and there to help. It's been an amazing experience!"

~Scott Miklos, Sophomore, Forward

"I really like coming to the rink and being with the team. It's a great atmosphere in the locker room and on the ice!"

~Matt Ogean, Junior, Goalie

"This is my 3rd year playing for the Eagles and those years have been better than any other year playing the sport. These guys are my family and we have each other's backs – no matter what!"

~Gavin Ryan, Senior, Forward