Hockey Club

Fire in our hearts and ice in our veins

Upcoming Games and Events

Eagles Hockey Senior Night

SUNDAY, January 23rd at 8:30 pm - Arctic Ice Arena

Come support our Senior Student Athletes!

Varsity Home Game vs. Hinsdale Central


Congratulations to our Illinois West All-Stars!

Skate with the Eagles Event for 7th and 8th grade hockey players!
Coming Soon.     Date and Time to be announced.

Eagles Hockey Club


"I've really enjoyed my last couple of years with the team. I've formed great relationships with a lot of the guys and I'm looking forward to making more memories with them!"

~Ethan Kavouras, Sophomore Forward

"The last 3 1/2 years of Eagles Hockey have been an amazing experience, to say the least! I've bonded with a lot of the guys and made some great memories."

~Pryor Devience , Senior Defenseman

"I love the family atmosphere everyone creates. Also, our tournaments and our home games are crazy fun!"

~Andrew Westphal, Senior Defenseman

"Out of the 15 years I've played hockey, the most fun was with the Eagles. I love the environment and I look forward to every practice and game. I love being able to play with some of my best friends!"

~Collin O'Boyle, Senior Defenseman

"Playing for Eagles Hockey has been like no other team I've ever played for! As a freshman, it could be hard because you don't know what to expect. But everyone has been so supportive and there to help. It's been an amazing experience!"

~Scott Miklos, Freshman, Forward

"I really like coming to the rink and being with the team. It's a great atmosphere in the locker room and on the ice!"

~Matt Ogean, Sophomore, Goalie

"Being able to throw on the jersey with the Eagle on front and a chance to represent your school really is an honor. It truly is like my second family and I wouldn't give it up for the world!"

~Patrick Gilchrist, Senior, Forward

"This is my 3rd year playing for the Eagles and those years have been better than any other year playing the sport. These guys are my family and we have each other's backs – no matter what!"

~Gavin Ryan, Junior, Forward

"I've been playing for the Eagles for 4 years. The best thing has to be the family mindset and always being there for your brothers!"

~Max Miklos, Senior, Forward

"I've spent the last 4 years of my high school career playing for this team, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. The friendships and memories I have made from this team are truly life changing and I will forever remember them. Please do yourself a favor and play for the Eagles!"

~Tommy Ward, Senior, Defenseman